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Savings Per Cabin
Balconies & Suites

Add $200 Per Person for Taxes, Fees & Pre-paid Gratuities

Images are representative of staterooms and floorpans. Actual configurations may vary.

Interior Statrooms

Interior Statrooms

$448 – $825 per person

The most economical way to cruise! Two lower twin beds which can convert to a king-sized bed, flat screen TV and private bathroom.

  Accommodate up to 4 guests
  Bedding for 3rd and 4th guests
  185 sq-ft (appx) • Interior Floor Plan
CATDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
4B1, 2$695$530$448$1,191
4E6, 7$760n/an/a$1,321
4F7, 8$775$583$488$1,351
CATDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
4B1, 2$770$580$485$1,341
4E6, 7$835n/an/a$1,471
4F7, 8$850$633$525$1,501
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Ocean View Statrooms

Ocean View Statrooms

$548 – $910 per person

Enjoy your view of the sea from a comfy and spacious Oceanview stateroom. Two twin beds that convert to a king-sized bed.

  Accommodate up to 4 guests
  Bedding for 3rd and 4th guests
  220 sq-ft (appx) • Ocean View Floor Plan
CATDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
6B1, 2$895n/an/a$1,591
CATDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
6B1, 2$995n/an/a$1,791
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Balcony Staterooms

Balcony Staterooms

$680 – $1,110 per person

Balcony staterooms provide a sea breeze and stunning views! Includes two lower twin beds which can convert to a king-sized bed.

  Accommodate up to 4 guests
  Bedding for 3rd and 4th guests
  185 sq-ft (appx) • Balcony Floor Plan
CATDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
8B6, 7$1,035n/an/a$1,871
8D8, 9$1,085n/an/a$1,971
8E9, 10$1,110n/an/a$2,021
CATDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
8B6, 7$1,160n/an/a$2,121
8C7, 8$1,185$890$743$2,171
8D8, 9$1,210n/an/a$2,221
8E9, 10$1,235n/an/a$2,271
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Luxury Suites

Luxury Suites

$1,715 – $2,315 per person

Suites include additional space, larger balconies and extra luxurious amenities such as a walk-in closet, whirlpool tub and more!

  Accommodate up to 4 guests
  Bedding for 3rd and 4th guests
  275-345 sq-ft (appx) • Ocean SuiteGrand Suite
CATDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
CATDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
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The Florida Gators Cruise is not available for purchase through Carnival Cruise Lines. In order to attend and/or participate in FGC events and activities, your cruise must be purchased online by ASK4 Entertainment via this website or by calling 833-4-GATORS (442-8677)

Per Person Pricing

Add $200 Per Person for Taxes, Fees & Pre-paid Gratuities
StateroomCategoryDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
Interior4B1, 2Riviera, Main$695$530$448$1,191
Interior4E6, 7Upper, Empress$760n/an/a$1,321
Interior4F7, 8Empress, Verandah$775$583$488$1,351
Ocean View6A1Riviera$895$663$548$1,591
Ocean View6B1, 2Riviera, Main$895n/an/a$1,591
Ocean View6C2Main$910n/an/a$1,621
Balcony8B6, 7Upper, Empress$1,035n/an/a$1,871
Balcony8C7, 8Empress, Verandah$1,060$807$680$1,921
Balcony8D8, 9Verandah, Lido$1,085n/an/a$1,971
Balcony8E9, 10Lido, Panorama$1,110n/an/a$2,021
Ocean SuiteOS7Empress$1,715$1,310$1,108$3,231
Grand SuiteGS7Empress$2,315$1,710$1,408$4,431
StateroomCategoryDecks2 Guests3 Guests4 GuestsSingle
Interior4B1, 2Riviera, Main$770$580$485$1,341
Interior4E6, 7Upper, Empress$835n/an/a$1,471
Interior4F7, 8Empress, Verandah$850$633$525$1,501
Ocean View6A1Riviera$995$730$598$1,791
Ocean View6B1, 2Riviera, Main$995n/an/a$1,791
Ocean View6C2Main$1,010n/an/a$1,821
Balcony8B6, 7Upper, Empress$1,160n/an/a$2,121
Balcony8C7, 8Empress, Verandah$1,185$890$743$2,171
Balcony8D8, 9Verandah, Lido$1,210n/an/a$2,221
Balcony8E9, 10Lido, Panorama$1,235n/an/a$2,271
Ocean SuiteOS7Empress$1,840$1,393$1,170$3,481
Grand SuiteGS7Empress$2,440$1,793$1,470$4,681
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 * Single Guest rates reflect a small discount for single occupancy bookings (see below).

All staterooms are offered and sold on a guarantee basis. Cabin numbers will be assigned within 7 to 10 business days following your reservation confirmation.

Child Pricing

Children 3 years old or younger at the time of sailing, booked in staterooms as the 3rd or 4th guests, with 2 full-fare adults based on double occupancy rate, may sail for only taxes and fees ($200.00).

Children aged 4-12 at the time of sailing, booked in staterooms as the 3rd or 4th guests, with 2 full-fare adults based on double occupancy rate will receive a discount off of the full-cruise fare of $199 per child.

If any child under 12 at the time of sailing is booked as the 2nd guest in the cabin, the full 2nd adult fare still applies, plus taxes and fees.

Guests making their reservations online, will need to book their staterooms at the total occupancy level for all guests, including children. For instance, if 2 adults and 2 children will occupy the cabin, then a Quad cabin must be booked.

Upon completion of the online reservation, guests should contact ASK4 Reservations, by calling 833-4-GATORS (442-8677), or by emailing in order to have their child rates adjusted, and the adult rate based on the double occupancy rate.

Single Guest Discount

Single guests who book their own stateroom are responsible for the full double-occupancy rate of the stateroom (double rate times two). Single occupancy staterooms will be only be charged Taxes and Fees for one guest, and will receive a discount of $199.00 off of the second cruise fare.

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